There are 4 of us running this blog, telling our stories, and offering advice. We come from all different parts of North America, and with the desire to lay our souls bare sometimes, we’ll never really tell you who we are. Some of you may know, most of you probably won’t.

These are our real and raw experiences. These are our ramblings running wild. These are our imaginations taking flight. This is us:

Firebird: 28-year-old who is feeling disproportionately closer to full-blown stodgy adulthood since typing that “28.” Loves postapocalyptic fiction, long walks on the (zombie-infested) beach and getting caught in the (acid) rain. Has been known to be a bit cagey about certain commitments such as work, birthdays, weddings, eating, sleeping, maintaining a semblance of mental health, keeping both eyes on the road, and anything else that interferes with that legal narcotic / debilitating illness / seductive soul-feeding dark magic that most people are sensible enough to just call writing.

Nightingale: 26 year old girl. Oncology and Hospice Registered Nurse. Art minor in college and nail polish aficionado now. Avid reader and dog lover. Living the chronic single-life in the frigid tundra. Don’t worry though, her fridge is always stocked with wine. Will watch football and hockey and swear at the TV too. Former dancer. Always in search of the world’s best French Fry. These things may or may not always tend to crop up in her writing.

Peregrine: 27 year old married bitch with a serious cookie problem. Works in the security industry and will glare if asked to be handcuffed.  Gets excited when things go horribly wrong at work. Speaks three languages and can swear in five. Loves messing with Chinese speakers who assume she is a dumb white lady.  May or may not own way too many budgies.

Raven: 26-year-old girl who constantly gets mistaken for a 16-year-old girl. Family medicine resident doctor by day, binge-netflixer and writer by night. Amateur ornithologist and snowboarder. Pro junk food eater and wine/beer drinker. Loves to travel and explore new places. Constantly experimenting with new arts and crafts. Can save your life but will still get carded at bars until the age of 50.


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