The Obsession Post.

I wanted to post something, but not anything terribly deep or earth shattering. I also don’t really feel like delving into my past right now (though I’m toying of writing a Christmas Memories post sometime over the chaos of this weekend), so I’m going to switch directions.

I’m going to write about an obsession of mine, because I am so in the habit of forming them. My obsessions can last anywhere from a few weeks until basically forever (Let me tell you about my Narnia obsession)(Kidding. We’re not going to go there)(Yet). The subject of my obsession can be almost anything, from books to music to movies to television to…nail polish.

So world, here is my current obsession.



While watching The Crown with mummy dearest on Netflix about two weeks ago, I saw a new show sitting in the page header.

Medici: Masters of Florence.

Now anyone who knows history knows that the Medici family were really fucking badass. They produced a few popes, a few queens, and were huge patrons of the arts. They were bankers, they were wealthy, and they had power.

Also I feel like they are the original Italian Mafia family. Just my opinion.

That alone gave me enough reason to watch it.

The other reason? My unending, very one-sided love affair with Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark, aka Prince Charming, aka WHY THE HELL HAVEN’T I MET YOU?

My coworker once accused me of not really caring if a show is good or not. She claimed that the only reason I usually watch something is because one of the men in the cast is hot. Now while that does completely influence whether or not I will watch a thing, it does not guarantee I will watch more than one episode.

Like the dude who played Spartacus in Spartacus? Yeah. Smoking hot. But did I watch more than one episode? Nope. It was just that bad, that even the eye candy couldn’t keep me. If I remember correctly, I found it to be poorly acted and incredibly cheesy. Also the violence was waaaaaaayyyyyyy overdone. And this is coming from someone who adores Game of Thrones.

So hot guy is not enough to keep me interested.

The power struggles in Medici kept me riveted. They were not nobles, yet they had eclipsed them and managed to take hold of Florence. Crazy and inspiring.

I binged all 8 episodes. Which meant I ended up watching the opening credits a lot. At first I hated the song that they chose. I thought it was trying too hard. But then around episode three, I found myself rewinding to listen to the song again (obsessed already).

The song lodged in my head. The rest of the soundtrack for the show did as well. I knew I needed them. So I logged onto itunes.

Alas, there is no soundtrack available yet.

But the credits song was available! And guess who bought it?


And it’s been playing on repeat because it’s the kind of song that makes the gears in my head begin to spin and start chucking out plot lines. A novel I’ve been struggling to plot suddenly comes churning out to the tune of this song. So I can’t stop playing it, because I’m getting so much out of it.

It’s just so perfect.

It makes me think of a million things. When I listen to it, I can see scenes from the book I’m trying to plot. I can see character arcs and dramatic scenes. I see my characters fleeing. I see the conquering. This song pretty much sets the tone for the entire series (along with a couple others). It helped me figure out what I wanted to write.

I’m obsessed. Officially and utterly obsessed.

Have a listen (and also see bits of Medici):



3 comments on “The Obsession Post.

  1. mj says:

    I’m now in love with this song, thanks for posting it!!

    Haha I am so familiar with that sudden obsession, when it comes to both TV shows and songs. My TV show that I obsessed over was Dark Angel, in junior high school. It was like a life-altering obsession — I actually thought about writing about it here. As for songs, I will sometimes listen to just one song all day on repeat, for entire weeks. I know Sarah Maas is the same way — I think she joked on her livejournal once that she’s afraid she has this obsessive tendency in common with serial killers.

    I want to know about this novel that the song helped you plot out!

    • C says:

      I posted it on the facebook group a while back. It was the one with the Blood Witches called Rings of Scarlet: Chains of Gold. I think I posted like 2ish chapters of it and then I hit a wall because I realized I have this great concept and ZERO plot to go with it.

      Music has always helped me write, since the very beginning. If a song has the right mood and feel, I will stick it on repeat until the scene is done being written. Or I will leave it on repeat while I’m plotting. Some songs just make the ideas flow out of me. I like sharing those songs and probably will continue to.

      And honestly I’ll probably have to write a post about my Narnia obsession (mentioned this time) because, no, even though it’s been forever, it’s still not dead. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Even if the first movie is 11 years old now.

  2. A says:

    I’m binging on White Collar right now because my obsession is heist movies (Matt Bomer – also gorgeous). I’m a quarter-way through Season 6 (the last season) now, though, so maybe I’ll check out this show after I’m done. It’s been on my to-watch list for a while. (I agree, the Medicis are badass.)

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